With deep respect for the ancient artistry in Chinese embroidery, SHIATZY CHEN seeks to preserve this precious craft. Drawing inspiration from classic techniques, SHIATZY CHEN adds modern elements to create her rarefied fashion collections. Since 2000, SHIATZY CHEN has collaborated with Xiang and Suzhou embroiderers in China to apply works of spun-yarn embroidery, Counting Stitch (or French Knot), appliqué embroidery, and drawn-thread and cutwork embroidery to her creations.

Each of the SHIATZY CHEN collections features various themes that highlight the exquisite embroideries. At the same time, SHIATZY CHEN injects her signature sense of style and contemporary aesthetics into these traditional embroidery works and brings them to the international fashion stage. SHIATZY CHEN believes in the need to preserve and perpetuate these ancient crafts. Only with this unique wealth of culture can the brand’s essence shine through. Backed by China’s vast and rich traditions and modern tailoring techniques from the West, SHIATZY CHEN creations are the ultimate expressions of contemporary Chinese fashion.