WOMEN Fashion

2016 Spring/Summer


The ocean is rich with life energy and beautiful legends. Our history has enriched our lives with tales after tales of these marine legends from both the East and the West.

Venus, the goddess that governed navigation and harvest in Greek mythology, was said to be born of sea foam. She rose up from the tides in a seashell while covered in lights of magical colors. Even the gods and goddesses were amazed by her birth and her beauty.

The mermaid is also a beautiful story from the ocean. According to Chinese legend, two thousand years ago, Qinshihuang, the first emperor of China, wanted to obtain the elixir of immortality. He sent Taoist alchemist Xu Fu to the eastern seas to find the elixir. He also encountered the “Jiaoren” figure that were illustrated in black and white prints in the “Classic of the Mountain and the Seas”, known as mermaid from the West. The mermaid has also appeared in numerous fairy tales, cartoon and films with romantic stories.

The vibrant and beautiful living beings and colors in world under the sea, the corals and seashells in the glittering waves, and pearls - the tears of the mermaid, all construct the scenery of SHIATZY CHEN’s 2015 Spring-Summer Collection. 

The SHIATZY CHEN 2015 Spring-Summer Collection starts with the black and white sketches in the original “Classic of the Mountain and the Seas”, glimpses into the fantasy world of the colorful ocean, and connects it to a romantic and poetic chapter in fashion.