WOMEN Fashion



The 18th century built on the past and prepared for a new generation. Humanistic philosophy, architectural style and the artistic aesthetics, as markers and annotations of a grand new era, flourished as never before. Absorbing the nutrients, these influences transformed into seeds which anticipate the harvest and its celebration with humble gratitude.
Concentrated on the joyful implications, the brand uses artistic approaches to mingle the classical essences of East and West. SHIATZY CHEN develops the theme fabric from incorporating the gold and silver tones from Rococo, the Oriental cloud patterns, images of dragons, phoenixes and lions, and creates a splendid and powerful image. The 2017FW collection showcases breathtaking garments from tender lace collages, graceful long skirts, gorgeous hooded elements, enticing court sleeves and refined bow designs which praise the contemporary aesthetic with glamorous music and models of dexterous posture. In addition, the latest collection includes neat suits, coats, jackets, overalls, down or padded elements, integrating smooth design outline and exquisite craftsmanship which release unique feminine and chic style and show infinity yearning to Neo-Classicism and Romanticism.