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The mythology turns into doctrine and self-expressive style is transformed into fashion attitude. On occasion of the 41st anniversary of the brand, SHIATZY CHEN aims to perpetuate the legacy of the brand based on the concept of deep affection and to create an exclusive contemporary philosophy through a fusion of Miao mythology and totemism with the glamour and complexity SHIATZY CHEN is renowned for.


The 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection represents a time-space translation. Miao mythology which serves as the source of inspiration for the collection is fused with glamorous and mysterious color tones. Spontaneous hand-drawn mythological imagery including the legendary creature with a dragonhead and fish body, the phoenix, the flower of life, the nine suns, and Mother Butterfly, the origin of everything, appears on the garments in metamorphosed form by employing different kinds of craftsmanship such as embroidery, printing, and jacquard weaving. A perfect example is the stitch pattern detail to imitate the sun on one of the jackets and the 3D flying butterfly imagery embroidered on the attached hood.


As for employed materials, metal yarn fabric creates a glittery look and complex layers are generated through utilization of beading, lace, and exclusive fabrics. Brand identity has been enhanced through such techniques in recent years. A dramatic character is added to layered outfits through cotton and down padding. Personality is accentuated and magnificent energy is generated through straps, wrapped designs, and oversize silhouettes. To complete the collection, the shoe design inspired by the Miao mythology steps in the latest sporty trend. In the Miao legend, there were several migrations. Therefore the designer creates different kinds of boot types to echo the stories and to be more liberate for the movement.


The bag design of this season also demonstrates the core value and complexity of the brand. Laser cut pattern with hand embroideries by the women embroiders makes the pattern on the bag more vivid. The couching embroidery technique make a rhythm with knots. The unique craftmanship employed this time shows make a strong resemblance to the spirit of couture-making.  


The concept of deep affection adopted by Design director Shiatzy Chen is derived from the image she saw, of the baby carrier (fabric used by mothers of the Miao tribe to carry children on their backs) extracted from tradition, in an effort to convey the sharp edginess originating in oriental fashion.



The Women's Clothing Collection:

• Craftmanship:Long and short stitch / French knot / Ribbon embroidery / Hand stitch of bead and sequin

• Fabric : Exclusive jacquard and prints / Glossy fabrics / Patchwork and layering / Lace/ Cotton / Organza / Satin

• Color : Shining red / Pink / Ink black / Pure white / Grey blue



The Accessories Collection :

• Bags : Laser cut / Hand stitch embroidery / Newly developed LOGO buckle / LOGO leather / Ruffled leather

• Shoes : Embroidery / Chinese lining on the edge of shoes / Leather military boots/ Sports ankle boots / Thigh high boots

• Other accessories : Swarovski crystal/Brand logo / Butterfly imagery necklaces, earrings, bracelets and belts