WOMEN Fashion


- Coagulation -

Break the boundaries of time and space and travel into the fantasy world of the East. As the dream-like mistiness gradually clears up, viewers will see dots and lines coming together to form bright and gorgeous images. For the 2019 Spring/Summer Women's Apparel Series, SHIATZY CHEN utilizes soft and flowing apparel, applies different materials, and incorporates the classic spirit of brand into its works to redefine fun and pleasure.


Haven't all our dreams depicted things that are impossible to do in real life? This season, the SHIATZY CHEN design team will guide everyone on a journey into an imagination world, where they can all dream together.


In this fantasy world, viewers seem to wear a kaleidoscopic filter, and stumble upon a gate made of mahjong tiles; turning into the jade rabbit, which has lost its way, set off. The time stops, as the east wind blows, and an auspicious dream raises the curtains on a beautiful world; along the path, a pomegranate tree is laden with fruit, an image of blessings. A Swinhoe's pheasant crosses their path, along with a red-crowned crane, a Pekingese, and mandarin ducks; with all of these animals dancing and enjoying themselves. Elsewhere, the health-giving lingzhi mushroom emerges gracefully from the ground with roses scattered around it. As they wonder this map of games, mahjong tiles begin to move and transform into butterflies and beetles, and a lacquer box lies strewn, waiting to be awakened. This complex and splendid picture becomes the development print and pattern of this season, providing a magnificent visual feast that leaves viewers wanting more.



The Women's Clothing Collection:

• Apparel : Playful brand logo / variety stitching and stacking /mix and match/ color flash matching / vivid geometry / colorful plaid design / use of floral twinkle

• Fabric : Exclusively developed jacquard and print / glossy fabrics / lace stripes / organza / satin stitch / knitwear / cotton / embroidery / transparent

• Color : Malus spectabilis pink / imperial palace purple / azurite blue / shining gold / carmine / ink black / pure white



The Accessories Collection :

• Bags : Childlike style Mahjong totems / new travel camera bags / newly developed jade bracelets / leather stitching / multiple sizes / colorful pattern

• Shoes : sports sneakers / sports sandals / Mary Jane casual shoes / mesh booties

• Other accessories : Swarovski crystal/Brand logo/ Mahjong totems/ colored stones/ Pearl /necklaces/ earrings/ bracelets/ belts