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- Bamboo Artistry -

6pm (CET), 30th September, SHIATZY CHEN presented Spring Summer 2020 collection fashion show at Palais de Tokyo, the famed contemporary art center, in Paris; it is the 23rdparticipation since the premier participation in 2008. This season, SHIATZY CHEN took the audience waltzing along in the leafy bamboo forest, with skirts swinging in the beating rhythm and soaking in the poetic oriental ambience.


“Bamboo Artistry” chosen as the main theme by Design Director Shiatzy Chen to portray the resilient character of bamboo. The strong roots embedded in the ground nourish the growth of bamboo forest and preserve the potent and primitive scent of land. Either from natural ecology perspective to aesthetic viewpoint, bamboo represents the imagery of the east. One of Chinese’s greatest poets, Su Dongpo, once said “without bamboo, people turn vulgar”, which reflects that the spirit of bamboo and the tranquility in bamboo forest can deeply cultivate one person’s refined taste. The influence of cultural heritage can be found among the apparel silhouettes in this season, the slim fit and partial embroidery that seems like it’s riding with the wind, and it’s even more airy and floaty between steps, elegantly added with lace frame embroidery, the silhouette of ancient Chinese underwear (dudou) element, applied shirring details on to printed fabrics and striped laces with contemporary clean lines. To compliment the rhythm of the fabric and the shining beadings, fusing western cuts into Chinese silhouette and details, blending geometric lines to outline the layering of fabric, accomplishing a fusion of the best from East and West. In terms of material, combine a variety of organza, also, create a sense of breeze using delicate fabrics such as lace, cotton, silk, satin, chiffon, etc. with high low cut. This season's exclusive totem is a vivid bamboo forest in lively white color, by line drawing in traditional style, overflowing with insects such as moths, butterflies, mantis and snails; transcending through with an ink of artistic taste. 


The abstract form is given life by figuration, and figuration is transformed to invisible thought that leaves the viewer ponder; this is a way to express oriental poetry. The trend from the East has roused again, ushering a touch of green. The design of venue this season is completed with four senses. More than a thousand yards of organza surround the space with the fresh green of bamboo forest. The guest sitting arrangement sprawled like the network of roots underground, winding and narrow. The model walked lightly like a breeze of wind, and the presentation of the apparel collection is an exhibition of crafts. When the wind becomes touchable, the leaves of bamboo forest are hidden between the whispers, stimulating the viewer's imagination.


Headwear and shoe collections are another highlight of this season. The bamboo and mesh shapes match with leaf-shaped hardware buckles; the racing but silent surroundings giving the sandals an extra edge. The design of sneakers is inspired by lights and shadows, deconstructed to recreating irregular lines.


There are 38 models this season with 48 looks. There are also some famous models like Marie Voak, Miki Ehara, Sophie M, Valeriya Ryzhova, Vanessa Hartog, Amanda Googe. The show was honored by the presence of some of the most noted glitterati dressed in SHIATZY CHEN, including brand ambassador He Sui, artist Patty Hou, Taiwanese well-known singer Jeannie Hsieh, IT Girl Leslie Sun, Japanese actress and model Ayaka Miyoshi, singer Jeffrey Tung, famous actor Jue Huang, young actress Bingqing Hu, Zoey Meng, the couple of Jo Jiang&Madina, famous singer Naomi, actress Lianlian, Chinese fashion blogger Mr.bag, AnnyFan, Yvonne Ching, Yuyu, Taiwanese KOL Yuan Kuo and Yu Wei, Hong Kong actress Kathy Yuen Ka Yi, Hong Kong stylists and influencers Elva Ni, Ricky Kwok, Faye Tsui & Bird Tse, International KOL Sabina Socol, Iman Perez, Chloe Lecareux, Sofya, Juliette Besson.





| Stylist:Veronique Didry

| Hair:James Pecis @ Bryant Artists

| Make-up:Karim Rahman @ Open Talent Paris

| Music director:Frederic Sanchez @STUDIO FREDERIC SANCHEZ