SHIATZY CHEN 2016 AW CAMPAIGN Splendid Journey


Splendid Journey

In The Journey to the West, one of the classic Chinese fantasy literature works, Tang Sanzang and three disciples encounter various challenges and demons, which make it an unprecedented “splendid journey”. Unlike previous collections shot in Paris, this time, SHIATZY CHEN has moved the shooting sessions to New York, a city full of culture and history, reflecting and redefining the theme of this season. Working as a team in the studio in New York, the shooting crews interlaced thousands feet red wool in a pure white 3D space, using the three elements of “dot”, “line” and “dimension”, to create the scene of the “silken web cave” with a modern technique. While the tension and imagination were expanded, enthusiasm of the characters towards the West was also revealed. The shooting sessions of 2016 AW were carried by a French photographer, Bruno Dayan.

As Bruno has been traveling around countries, such as France, UK, Canada and Japan, since he was little, he was influenced by different cultures and traditions of regions around the world. Thus, he has established his own aesthetics and photographic scenarios and has photographed for several international big brands. In the microfilm, models broke through the silken web cave of interlaced thin threads with intense body movements. Red water smoke was used to symbolize the somersault cloud, and the models were striding forward within. From the establishment of the scenes and image compositions to how the photographer captured models’ delicate emotions and the atmosphere, the shooting sessions of this brand had breakthroughs in many aspects.


The characters in photos of the 16 AW collections were performed by super models, Molly Bair and Xin Yu Wang, and a male model, Jacob Morton, with an average age of less than 20. The models’ fresh looks were combined with wild eye makeups and spontaneous hairstyles, which reflected how this collection “mixed strength and sweetness”. The crystal brooches, applied as hair accessories, were also the highlight of the entire look. What is worth mentioning is that SHIATZY CHEN’s classic Sac de Jade handbags, First Lady handbags with multiple color blocks, and metal chain handbags in multiple sizes utilize exotic skin leathers, intricate embroideries, and vintage style to fit any kind of occasion. This shows that SHIATZY CHEN not only explores women’s and men’s wear, but also strives to create all kinds of accessories.


• Photographer / Film Director: Bruno Dayan
• Makeup: Ralph Siciliano
• Hair: Nicolas Eldin
• Models: (Female) Molly Bair & Xin Yu Wang / (Male) Jacob Morton