SHIATZY CHEN 2019 Resort Collection revisits the carefree spirit of the 60s with the attitude of classic aesthetics. It is created by SHIATZY CHEN defies conventions of time and space reinterpreting the vintage palette. Dream-like dance moves on a vast meadow in a leisurely manner reveal a thirst for freedom and a neo-oriental chic.

This collection fuses lacquer with a hint of the 60s and realizes a brave pursuit of lofty ideals. The designer shakes things up with the brand LOGO in the creation of exclusively crafted woven ribbons in flashing colors which represent a key highlight. The result is a cheerful collection for both men & women, trims and collars are adorned with lively details based on a clear-cut and simple design concept. The season is all about warm and soft natural colors. A palette ranging from basic black and white, chrome yellow, sky blue, and pale pink give the collection a modern twist. Diverse fabrics are used in this season. Badge patterns for men are inspired by embroidery concepts. Stitched lace is mixed with silky fabrics for a soft, romantic look. The coquettish casual jackets and the sleek materials are matched with cottons and classic embroidered items and the frivolous and authentic denim collection for men and women to create a unique look that can only be found at SHIATZY CHEN.

Accessories including handbags and shoes are inspired by geometric patterns reminiscent of the 60s, transforming traditional Chinese window grille patterns into modern and stylish motifs as embellishments for handbags and shoes. A brand-new look featuring jade handles are created for the handbag collection this season. Variations of the basic design include camera bags. These bags are highly functional, adding a layer of sophistication to every occasion. A sporty style is offered to the shoes collection which features color collages and the exclusively crafted woven ribbons as a distinctive silhouette flares on the ankles. Eye-catching pieces of the collection include the block-heel design and gladiator sandals as well as the newly developed square-toe shoes featuring the signature embroidery patterns, showcasing the designer's attention to details in this season.