SHIATZY CHEN AW 2019 AD Campaign

Miao ethnic group lives among Miao village, they worship mysterious spirits and pass on ancient myth through generations. In folk songs, Miao people tells the stories of everything created from the earth and sky, blending with magnificent sceneries, cascading mountains and winding rivers.



Shot by acclaimed Japanese photographer Yasunari Kikuma(SYMPHONIC), “The sublime uncharted land” is the inspiration behind SHIATZY CHEN AW 2019 AD campaign. The photoshoot set in the mountain range of northern Taiwan, where Global Ambassador Sui He lets out her enigmatic beauty in the murky drizzle, teaming up with Sasha Komissarov and Maya Derzhevitskaya, the rising stars in latest fashion week, illustrates the exotic Miao culture “Guardian”.




“The mountain range of Taiwan is a mesmerizing scenery painted by ridgelines and veins, connecting with the delicate and exquisite silhouette of models in the most nonchalant sense. It feels like time stops ticking in the mountains,” said Yasunari Kikuma. The backdrop of the visual campaign is the northern mountain range in Taiwan, where angular boulder and weather-beaten mountain wall layering the texture of ages, raw and primitive nature contrasting with splendid couture, steep ravines hiding between the mines, flowing creek winding upwards; The visual guides audience to the unknown imaginary land. The flashback narrative of the film rewinds moments in time, presenting an enchanting story of SHIATZY CHEN AW 2019 collection, portraying a captivating mystical realm.

Japanese musician Kaito Sakuma a.k.a BATIC is the soundtrack creator, breeding imagination with the help of computer algorithm, sounds of piano, electric guitar and synthesizers syncing into experimental music, connecting rhythm through random odds, constructing the space and harmony.

Japanese photographer Yasunari Kikuma’s style is diverse. He is able to bring out emotion and connection from his portrait works, to create unique color expression in fashion photography, to construct distinct structure for fine art photography, and reflect images that speak out the minds. His style is nurtured through his life experience residing in New York and Paris, his works are seen in both edgy alternative and international fashion publications.

International supermodel Sui He is SHIATZY CHEN’s newest Global Ambassador and plays key role in Autumn Winter 2019 advertising campaign. Sui He shares that “I’ve learned about SHIATZY CHEN in previous collaborations, it is the brand’s commitment to heritage craftsmanship and breakthrough in various styles that makes me feel deeply moved and admired.” The brand stays true to itself, elevating craftsmanship and quality, which reflects Sui He’s characteristics that she stands by her personal style to shine on the international stages and, at the same time, keeping humble and persistent. There are more collaborations of SHIATZY CHEN and Sui He await, bringing the world many more diverse fashion magic.


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