SHIATZY CHEN New Flagship Store in Paris Avenue Montaigne / Paris

SHIATZY CHEN New Flagship Store in Paris
Avenue Montaigne / Paris

SHIATZY CHEN is stepping into a new era. One that builds on past successes and focuses on its trademark qualities: exquisite savoir-faire married with a contemporary aesthetic. It showcases the delicate fusion of the East and West with an emphasis on traditional Chinese craftsmanship. From modest beginnings, the Taiwanese brand has evolved to be a globally recognised fashion label.

The label’s essence comes to light with a new retail experience. Designed by the Australian based multi-award winning LAYAN DESIGN led by Johannes Hartfuss, the new concepts for the stores encompass all what is unique to the label and the intended direction in which the label is heading. A sophisticated retail experience that transcends elegance with a focus on the labels core principles has provided the perfect transition for the SHIATZY CHEN of the future.

The new direction was launched in 2013. With the choice of some emblematic locations in Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, a new chapter in SHIATZY CHEN’s story of craftsmanship and modern interpretation on Chinese elegance began. The new concept stores, through each new opening, embody the passage between past traditions and heritage to youth, modernism and luxury, manifesting as a physical representation of the brand’s philosophy: “The poetry of passing time”.

SHIATZY CHEN first stepped onto the European Market, opening its doors in Rue St Honoré - Paris in 2009, with a store design created by LAYAN. The partnership and the label have since evolved and it was only fit that the new location was to be the Iconic Avenue Montaigne. Situated within the Golden Triangle, the new store provides an opportunity to re-introduce Chinese sumptuousness to Paris. Creative director Shiatzy Chen along with architect Johannes Harrfuss established a new design concept for the Avenue Montaigne boutique. The interior design creates an east meets west aura with a touch of modern chic.

The new interior design is driven by refinement of the detail. SHIATZY CHEN prides itself as a modern luxury vision of ancient Chinese tailoring; the control of quality of manufacturing allows the brand to create products of everlasting beauty and value. Luxury is created through the hands that execute the clothes and luxury is further expressed through the refined level of detail in the store design.

SHIATZY CHEN Avenue Montaigne

The overall space is fresher and brighter with a higher level of transparency. The traditional Chinese cabinet has been opened to showcase its precious contents. Honey coloured marble tiles cover the floor and extend above to form the stone ledges of the furniture, allowing lightness to wash over the space. Walls covered in creamy silk panels are complemented by the lacquered fabric finish and mother of pearl accents on the loose furniture. The pale cream tones are offset with dark timber shelving and bronze hanging units suspended from the custom black metal ceiling above. Inlaid triangular dark metal pieces glitter through the space and create a dramatic contrast between light and dark.

SHIATZY CHEN Avenue Montaigne

SHIATZY CHEN Avenue Montaigne

Right in the middle of the VIP room, there is an artwork telling stories about the breed of culture and art with the embroidery, using silk to express the whole idea and the imagination. We feel the warmth of a mother’s love with the most selfless arms embracing the newborns with the vivid red. In Han dynasty, silk is found and used as the luxury yarn in the world. The curve made of silk seems to display at random, but organizes into the strong vein ultimately. The circle of life depicts abstractly in the painting and it also shows the expectation of the SHIATZY CHEN.

SHIATZY CHEN Avenue Montaigne

One of Ms. Shiatzy Chen’s favorite areas in the store, there is another master piece hanging along the stairway and the ceiling decorated with mirrors to create an extension of the space. In the painting, a group of brave businessmen is heading west on the Silk Road without fear. Every footprint that they left on the sand has become the fluctuating curves to represent the possibilities of the unlimited future, which echoes SHIATZY CHEN's dedication to the apparel industry with sincereness and efforts to seek a timeless, classic look that will prevail through generations.

However the significant change comes with the reinterpretation of the traditional Chinese screen. LAYAN ’s design has metamorphosed it into a contemporary elegant object, a recurring element within the new stores, adapting to different functions through scale and location. This reinterpretation can be seen in the delicate laser cut metal screen within the accessories shelves, a feature panel in the Shop’s windows and through an impressive 3d Triangular marble stone wall in the stair case leading from one floor to the other. All details have been beautifully refined and executed.

SHIATZY CHEN’s openness to the use of modern technology is further testament to the brands commitment to be continuously evolving whilst maintaining a strong sense of cultural identity. This approach and the label’s continuing core principles are the reason for SHIATZY CHEN’s international recognition in the small world of luxury.

Johannes HARTFUSS, Principal Designer
Marie-Flore SOLIGNAC, Project Designer
Nathan Thompson – The Flaming Beacon, Lighting Designer

SHIATZY CHEN Avenue Montaigne

SHIATZY CHEN Avenue Montaigne