In 1978, SHIATZY CHEN was established with the mission to create ‘neo-Chinese chic’ that emphasized traditional Chinese craftsmanship and fusion of the East and the West to weave a fashion ‘scenescape,’ stitch by stitch.
While we cannot choose the life
we are born into, we can create our own

I didn’t know what it would
take to be a designer, but I knew I must be
proactive, and that in order to stand out,
I had to achieve perfection. And in order to
achieve perfection I had to be better than
the best! That is why before I start working
on the new collection each season, my
mind must be blank.

I know I have to return
to zero first, and restart, to think about
the essence of the brand, to create classic icons.
Fashion should not be disengaged from
the modern world, and its evolution tells us
the importance of original creations.
The contemporary consumer’s desire and
recognition of fashion is the motivation
that drives brands to work harder.

Promoting Eastern culture paired with delicate
craftsmanship through communication
and accumulation of fashion designs—
that is the essence of SHIATZY CHEN, the
existing value and the meaning of our brand.


Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia was born in 1951 in Changhua, a city with a rich cultural history. At school she was an eager student who loved to read and earned high marks. But as the eldest daughter of seven children, she had to obtain skills to help the family. She chose to design clothes for a simple reason—to learn a useful craft doing work that she liked. Even though she enjoyed school, she left after primary school to start working. Her early accomplishments, while already beyond her loftiest ambitions, were merely a prelude to those to come.

Growing up, young Tsai-Hsia could only dream of wearing the pretty frocks she saw in shops. She might not have been able to afford such fine things, but with skill and perseverance, she could learn to make them.